Are You Ready to Hire?

If your start-up has come to the point where you need some help, congratulations!  This means you’re growing, which is great news!  So how do you find qualified, experienced candidates to hire? First, let’s talk about if hiring on a part-time or full-time employee is the best decision for your company.  Depending on the area you need help in, you may be able to outsource tasks to a subcontractor or freelancer.  Services that can be outsourced include marketing, social media, graphic design, and yes…accounting!  According to the Wall Street Journal, “deciding what tasks to outsource and what to hire an employee for may come down to whether the work lies within your business’s main areas of strength and whether that function is needed on a regular basis”.  It’s helpful to remember that outsourcing to a service may mean being able to tap into extensive knowledge with a smaller financial commitment than hiring on an employee.

However, if hiring an employee does make the most sense, consider sourcing for candidates in areas other than the big job posting boards.  You can start with your own social circles.  If someone you know recommends somebody to you, “they’ve done some of your employee screening work already”, says the Journal.  Next move onto your business contacts and spread the word that you’re hiring.  This could mean alumni associations, young professional organizations or any other group you belong to relating to your field.  Lastly, stay current with happenings in your industry, as well as your surrounding community.  Industry blogs and newsletters can provide useful information for hiring.  If you learn of a company that is not doing well, you may be able to scoop up great talent if employees become available.  Even your local paper or town’s website can give you a heads up on job fairs where you could find talent.

So if you find yourself needing some extra help in a particular area, first consider if it’s something that makes sense to outsource.  And if it’s accounting, contact Lance CPA Group!  If hiring on a new employee is the best move, try sourcing through your own contacts, networks, industry associations or community publications.  Happy hiring!

Post by Susan Heidenreich, Accountant