Brewery Reviewery: Miskatonic Brewing Company

T-shirts and Calculators: Brewery Reviewery: Miskatonic Brewing Company
by Samantha Aycock

It’s September: back to school, back to sports, back to busier hours at the office.  Backyard bbq’s turn to backyard campfires and we trade in our summer shandies for rich Oktoberfest and porters.  Like a lot of moms, this time of year for me is bittersweet. While it’s fun to be on the precipice of fall and the wonderful change of seasons that only we in the Midwest truly get to experience, it’s a little sad to kiss the sweet summer sun goodbye.

This past weekend I was desperate for some family fun, but come September our Saturdays and Sundays are packed with sports games, birthday parties, and school fundraisers. The best cure for getting over summer’s end – hiking! My husband got home Friday at 5- we changed clothes and hopped in the car to start our mini adventure to Waterfall Glen, a local forest preserve near our home. You can follow the easy trail directly to a beautiful waterfall or you can follow the lead of your tenacious 4 year old and head off trail!

Once we hit the waterfall, I made a quick call to Chucks Southern Comfort Cafe in Darien (about 2 miles away) and placed a hearty order of jambalaya, cheeseburgers, chicken fingers and the world’s most glorious potato skins. We left the waterfall, hopped in the car and drove to Chucks- where our food was ready and waiting! After picking up our food, we headed over to Miskatonic Brewing Company– one of our favorite local breweries. They allow you to bring in your food (and kids!) and enjoy some awesome beer.



We sat outside on the patio, played games the brewery provided, played with some adorable dogs locals had brought in with them, and enjoyed some amazing beer.


I can’t help but order Wise Fool every time I go; it’s just too good to skip. It’s one of those beers that just tastes good from start to finish. I can be a little picky when it comes to beer- but Wise Fool never disappoints. My husband’s always trying something new, and Miskatonic’s brewers are pretty much always coming up with cool new brews. This time my husband went with Oddfellow, Miskatonic’s Scotch Ale, which he said was wonderful and a great twist on the traditional Scotch Ale. What stood out to him was how light it looked and how refreshing it tasted. Typically he likes to save Scotch Ale’s for colder months, but this is not one you need to wait until winter to start enjoying. What surprised me was how much he liked it. Light and refreshing are not the words to describe my husband’s favorite kind of beers- he usually likes the dark beers that make my face wrinkle when I try a sip, but he said it was delicious! Another win for Miskatonic! We’re hoping to try their Russian Imperial Stout The Revenant soon!

Miskatonic Brewing Company is located at 1000 N Frontage Road, Unit C, Darien, IL 60561 and is open Tuesday-Sunday.