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Brewery Reviewery – Skeleton Key Brewery

T-Shirts and Calculators: Brewery Reviewery – Skeleton Key Brewery
by Samantha Aycock



A few weeks ago my family and I headed to Skeleton Key Brewery for their grand opening, and we were so glad we did! This brewery is unlike any I have ever visited, and I have patronized many. Skeleton Key is absolutely beautiful. It’s open and inviting, well lit, clean and spacious. We immediately felt welcome. It is extra special to know the owners are all locals, but what really sets Skeleton Key Brewery even further apart is their mission: they are far more than just a place that makes good beer (really good beer). They empower and educate those who share their passion for craft beer. Skeleton Key offers a variety of classes on craft beer (an awesome gift idea, by the way) to help homebrewers and beer drinkers learn more about what goes into the beer they drink and what it takes to create a delicious brew. In addition to offering classes, they are also initiating their Brewery Incubator program, which you can learn more about here. But now I must address the brewery’s most important factor: their beer. “The Saudade” Witbier was delicious and refreshing. Really delicious. Highly recommend. It was a big hit at our table. We tried the “If We’re Not Back by Dawn…” Porter which was a lighter, easy to drink porter that was absolutely pretty perfect for the warm day. But our winner for the night was hands down the “Tais-Toi” Saison. It’s a super well balanced beer that seriously stands out. Skeleton Key describes it as giving you a “silky mouthfeel” and I laughed when I read that. But no. That’s exactly what it does. I have no clue how or why, but this beer just glides it’s way into your heart. It’s just really, really good. They knocked it out of the park. Skeleton Key Brewery is located at 8102 Lemont Rd. in Woodridge and is open Wednesday-Sunday.

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A licensed certified public accountant (IL) and Chartered Global Management Accountant, Josh is also a family man who calls Chicago home.  Before venturing on his own with a mission to help small businesses, Josh spent his early career at a top-10 national public accounting firm before working at an ultra high net worth family office.  Josh is also an adjunct professor at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.  He enjoys making wine at home, cooking, traveling, and cheering on his favorite football and soccer teams. Josh was honored by being selected to the 2017 class of the AICPA Leadership Academy and was named as one of the 40 under 40 in 2017 by CPA Practice Advisor.