Brewery Reviewery – Sketchbook Brewery

T-Shirts and Calculators Blog: Brewery Reviewery – Sketchbook Brewery
By Samantha Aycock

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? When you’re at Sketchbook Brewing Company- you cannot help but notice that this is truly Evanston’s favorite place for craft beer. There’s a steady stream of locals coming in and refilling growlers, picking up new howlers and enjoying a beverage at the softly lit bar. Maybe it’s because it’s December in Chicagoland, or maybe it’s because we caught a glimpse of the Holiday eL train out the window, or maybe it’s just the warm decor and all the beautiful vintage wood – but Sketchbook is the first brewery I’ve ever described as cozy. And once you’ve tried their beer, you understand their customer’s loyalty.

Sketchbook Brewing Company has crafted a lineup of beers that has truly set the bar.  To start, we enjoyed their Black Saison – which is beyond impressive. This beer is delicious Belgian goodness, working together with many flavors to create something complex and well blended – an utterly delicious lab beer. So if you want to enjoy this one, you’ll need to hurry in! If you like beers a little on the lighter side, they have a Brunswick Mum black lager that is super drinkable, refreshing and honestly great tasting. We were also very big fans of the Oatmeal Stout, which is brewed with the perfect balance of coffee and stout. The Turbulence Imperial Stout is creamy perfection, with notes of chocolate- a perfect winter beer. Sketchbook struck us as a haven for dark beer. All too often, only one dark beer is on a menu. So we enjoyed taking full advantage of the extraordinary variety of dark beers. But if dark beer is not your style, they have plenty of other options- such as a Rye Amber Ale and Grounded, an Organic Pale Ale.

Sketchbook Brewing Company is located at 821 Chicago Ave. in Evanston, IL. Their doors are steps from the Main St. CTA stop. They open at noon Tuesday-Sunday, closed on Monday. Make your Chicago winter better and stop in to this delicious beer haven