Brewing Up A Business- Book Review by Samantha Aycock

“Brewing Up A Business” Book Review by Samantha Aycock
Dogfish Head Brewery, founded by Sam Calagione, is one of America’s most well known craft breweries. Sam has also hosted Brew Masters on Discovery Channel and penned a fascinating read called Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Beer from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.
My appreciation for craft beer has grown exponentially since I began working at Lance CPA Group. But it wasn’t just because I was suddenly exposed to new and skillful brewers. A huge part of my fascination actually rests with learning about how beer is made and how breweries thrive. There is so much work that goes into starting a brewery, making delicious beer and running a successful business. Nothing about this life is easy, but it is literally our job to help make it easier. In a chapter titled Cash is King (Well, sort of), Sam writes “Whether you involve one individual who sits down with your books once a month or a group of people who meet each fiscal quarter, having an expert help you through the financial aspects of running a business is key.” I could not have said it better.
Reading about Sam’s misadventures when he first started Dogfish Head made my heart ache. He often found himself robbing Peter to pay Paul, racing around to put out fire after fire. Chaos and debt mixed with no sleep, but fueled by passion. I know the life he was living is one so many brewery owners are currently experiencing. And to them I want to say- don’t give up, get help. Reach out to your fellow brewers. Seek the savvy of those who have walked this path before you. Reach out to professionals that are experts in their own field and that want to help you grow. It’s humbling and refreshing to read a success story that was so thoroughly earned. We are so proud of our talented, hard working breweries that are crafting amazing beer and growing flourishing businesses.