Cloud Based Tools for Startups

As I have mentioned on another blog post, I am a big proponent of cloud based solutions for small businesses. To that end, I wanted to pass along the following website that is being promoted by our partner, Wave.  Get Startup Tools is a website that offer deals on cloud based solutions for startups and small businesses. The initial round of offers that they are listing includes offers for customer support functions, cloud based storage, and website optimizations, among others.  Most of these offers are  better than the standard “free trial” offers directly on the company page.  For example, the Box offer increases the amount of free storage from 10GB to 25 GB.   Wave is offering one month free of payroll through Get StartUp Tools.

The one cloud based solution that is being offered that I like the most is the LiveChat offer.  LiveChat provides the chat pop-up tools that you see on some websites that allow the site visitor to directly ask questions via chat to the company.  The chat is routed to a designated individual (or individuals) at the company to connect with the customer.  On the company side, the designated individual see where the customer is at on the website, how long they have been on the site, and what they are browsing so that the company can have better information at the start of the chat to help the customer.   LiveChat is offering one year free for three individuals at your company, which is much better that the 30 day free trial that is being generally offered by them.  I am planning on trying this out considering how good the offer is.  If you have any questions about these cloud based solutions, let me know and I will  be glad to help you out.  Or if you see a chat window on my site, feel free to ask your questions to me via LiveChat!