Creative Cache: Utilize Your Employee’s Creativity

T-Shirts and Calculators: Creative Cache
by Ekaterina Angert

Creativity.. is almost always something new, never done before. Any start-up or craft brewery will be a great example of creative people that succeeded in building something great. Supporting and developing of this way of thinking both among the leaders and employees of the company is not only a useful process, but a very interesting one as well. Creativity no longer belongs to people “trained” to do that, but some 10 year old can come with an idea that properly developed will evolve into something amazing. The biggest challenge is to expand the idea into a business concept, find finances and never stop growing.

Each and every person has a creative bone in him, that is made up of intuition, imagination, and inspiration. Intuition is build from the past experiences and knowledge already obtained, imagination allows us to build the models of the future in our mind, that do not yet exist. Inspiration is mainly positive thinking, but can be composed of many other feelings and emotions.

How can we “train” creative thinking? Work on all three ingredients.. Read, learn, play business-games to develop intuition. Think of how you can improve things around you to develop imagination. Inspiration..the hardest or the easiest one, depending on your personality.

Some creative ideas for your business? Here we come: craft breweries can use their employees or clients imagination by asking them to create something from their beer cans or bottles, or even the bottle caps, tabs.

Start-ups can devote an hour a week/month for employee games that relate to business concept of the company, and take turns in creating an idea. You will be surprised what crazy ideas people will be able to come up with. Display them, be proud of them, maybe they have a potential of becoming a by-product, or help with marketing, or who knows what other gem may be discovered.