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Joshua Lance CPA, LLC is a boutique CPA firm that taps the power of cloud-based solutions to deliver outsourced accounting and consulting services. Headquartered in Chicago, we cater to craft breweries and tech-centric startup companies located in our back yard and beyond.

Our Chicago CPA firm provides outsourced accounting services, tax planning and preparation, and small business consulting. With our flat fees and no hidden prices, you can manage your financials to better focus on what matters most—building your innovative business.

The target audience for our accounting services includes craft breweries and tech-centric startups. While those two business types may seem different, they are actually quite similar in how they innovate and manage their businesses. We created our CPA firm with these clients in mind.

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10 must see events at Chicago Craft Beer Week

10 must see events at Chicago Craft Beer Week

May 16, 2017 | No Comments

The 2017 installment of Chicago Craft Beer Week is here from May 18 – May 25, 2017.  We love craft beer (and our wonderful craft brewery clients) here at JLCPA and are looking forward to the following 10 events that at #CCBW this year. Mosaic Gummy Beer & Cheese Event at Noon Whistle Brewing on May 17. […]

Should Your Investors Control Your Accounting Process?

Should Your Investors Control Your Accounting Process?

Feb 21, 2017 | No Comments

When you are running a startup, you are managing many different process.  Typically, you are in charge of sales, product or service development, accounting & financial management, human resources, and everything else that is coming down the pipe.  While in a perfect world, you would outsource those functions to experts to manage them, there is not […]

To Keep or Not to Keep?  That is Question!

To Keep or Not to Keep? That is Question!

Jan 27, 2017 | No Comments

T-shirts and Calculators Blog: To Keep or Not to Keep?  That is Question! by Saima Uribe With tax season upon us, did you ever wonder exactly how long you have to hold onto your old tax returns and supporting documents?  The answer,  in general, is three years.  The IRS will only go back and audit your […]

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