How One Brewery Uses CrunchBoards to Save Time and Better Run Their Business

How One Brewery Uses CrunchBoards to Save Time and Better Run Their Business

by Joshua Lance, CPA, CGMA

CrunchBoards recently posted a blog and a video about how Fourpure Brewing Company has adopted CrunchBoards and how it has saved them a ton of time and allowed them to share financial information to employees across the company so that they can better run their business and adapt to changes and forecast real time into the future.  The video they posted does a great job on how CrunchBoards (with Xero!) helps breweries stay on top of their finances and make better decisions.

One quote that stuck out to me is:

Brewing is quite a complex operation from the number of beer styles, the packaging types and different type and quantity of hops and malt, the channels and methods we sell and distribute. There are so many arms to our business, being able to see all aspects quickly and easily is so important.

I was looking for something that removed me being a single point of failure from my mega spreadsheet and gave visibility to our whole team. This is such a competitive advantage for us as we have real time visibility to such a level of granularity. We forecast out per sales channel and beer style simultaneously which is key to properly managing our business as there are so many variables. We can then use data to plan major CAPEX investment decisions in new steel kegs & brewing capacity or pre-order our hops and Malt or disposable kegs and understand the impact on our cash and profitability, immediately.

Breweries are complex organizations and being able to use a program like CrunchBoards is important to understand how taproom sales, production, and distribution activities operating individually, but also as a collective.  If your brewery is interested in using CrunchBoards, please reach out and let us know and we can do a demo for you!