How to Write A Craft Beer Review in 6 Easy Steps

How to Write A Craft Beer Review in 6 Easy Steps

Looking out the window I notice that it’s a gorgeous sunny morning- just the one I’ve been waiting for to create images for my next craft beer review.  It’s 9am, the baby is sleeping, let’s get this show on the road.

Step 1: Start setting up for the shoot outside and realize its a lot colder than I thought.  That sunshine can be deceiving.  I run back inside, find a hoodie and commence photo shoot once again.  Things running through my head- “Gosh this beer is gorgeous.  Ooo, let’s find some real honey.  Hmmm, how do I prop this up without honey going in approximately 5 million directions?!”

Step 2: Photo shoot is over and the baby is awake.  Take a quick sip of my subject and then stash in the fridge for tasting session later because though it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, it is definitely 9:30 here and I have a busy day ahead of me.

Step 3: It’s afternoon and the older kids are home from school.  Obviously it’s time to take beer out of fridge and get ready to taste and observe.

Step 4: Realize 2 hours later that I took aforementioned beer out for taste testing.  Try it anyway.  It’s delicious.  But it’s warm.  Drink it anyway.  Resolve to make more taste observations tomorrow.

Step 5:  The following evening, after all children are in bed and I am properly placed under my favorite blanket ready for a little Netflix, I finally taste  the beer to its fullest.  I’m not a huge IPA fan (gasp, I know, I shamefully admit to the entire craft beer world that its not my favorite), which is why I went a different direction when looking for which beer I would taste.  Sketchbook Brewery’s Honeybird Pale Ale seemed like a good fit for my beer drinking preferences.  The hints of locally-sourced basil and honey make for an experience on the palette that is unique to the pale ale world.  I could definitely see myself drinking this beer on a warm summer day- paired with some honey goat cheese from Trader Joe’s and some sort of delightful cracker or soft bread.

Step 6:  Go to bed.  Because seriously, this is all gonna happen again tomorrow.  The kids and the chaos and the warm beer.  If I’m lucky, maybe a cold beer too.

by Jamie Engelhardt, Operations and Marketing Manager, Lance CPA Group


About Jamie Engelhardt

Our Operations and Marketing Manager is Jamie Engelhardt, a stay at home mom and photographer from the Chicago suburbs.  She has held various jobs including administrative work for a suburban chiropractic office.  Jamie graduated from the University of Northwestern with a degree in Intercultural Studies.  Jamie and her husband Andy have three children- Lydia, Jeremiah, and Malachi.  She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, music, art, the Chicago Blackhawks, and growing her photography business.