Out of the Box Q&A with Freshground Roasting




Each month we plan to highlight one of the many companies that be have the privilege of serving in our new feature section, “Out of the Box.”  We’ll highlight the business, ask about the triumphs and struggles, and for any advice they might have for fellow entrepreneurs.  We hope you enjoy!

Freshground Roasting

Founder Eric Anderson took some time out of his schedule to fill us in on what’s going on over at Fresh Ground Roasting.

Give us a brief summary of your company. 
FreshGround Roasting is a specialty coffee roaster based in Geneva, IL. We source all of our coffees from missions and other organizations working to improve coffee growing communities around the world through long term relationships as well as training.

What was the inspiration for your company? 
We originally looked at starting up a cafe, but after much consideration and seeing the opportunity to work with farmers using the direct trade model, we got excited about that side of the story and started roasting coffee.

How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?  
Two ways – first of all, we source only the best coffees available on the market and roast them fresh. The roast date is right on the bag, and for customers who order online, we ship within 48 hours of when it’s roasted.  Secondly, we teach. Just like the organizations that we support focus on teaching, we also focus on teaching our customers how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. That could be our retail customers attending one of our coffee brewing classes, or our wholesale customers learning to pull the perfect espresso shot we work with our customers to make sure they’re making the best coffee possible in their homes or restaurants.

What advice would you offer to any entrepreneurs out there?
Two words – hustle and integrity.

We love Freshground Roasting!  If you get a chance check them out at http://freshgroundroast.com