Out Of The Box Q&A with Wishing Well




This month, we feature Brian Garland over at Wishing Well NFP, a small 501c3 located in the south suburbs of Chicago.

Tell us about your organization.
When a person with disabilities turns 22 years of age, they can no longer go to high school. This leaves many families with questions regarding the continuation of care and enrichment of the lives of their loved ones. Wishing Well was started in 2006 to address this need in the community.

How are you different from other similar organizations?
Wishing Well (located in Chicago’s south suburbs) provides daily programming for adults with disabilities. We pride ourselves on being a small, compassionate, family-driven setting with a staff to client ratio that really allows us to focus on an individual’s needs.

What advice would you offer to any other entrepreneurs out there?
As a small 501(c)(3) addressing an issue that seemingly affects such a small percentage of the population, it can be challenging to raise funds and support. It’s important that you are passionate about your cause, and that your passion exudes every story you tell. People feel that energy and ultimately, if it’s not important to you, nobody will care. It’s also vital to surround yourself with people who care about the cause as much as you do. You will need their support to be successful.