Lance CPA Group is a certified public accounting firm built to help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow and manage their businesses.

small business accountant

Outsourced Accounting Services

We can equip you with the right reports, financials, tips and tools to move your business toward success.


Small Business Coaching

Whether you’re transforming your current business, or just getting started, we know the challenges- and solutions- for building a business from start to finish.


Tax Planning and Preparation

We’ll review your past and present returns, talk about present concerns and goals, and work with you to determine planning and tax preparation needs for the future.

We exist to help your business thrive - regardless of size and no matter what it takes.

We are entrepreneurs just like you, so we not only know what it’s like to be in your shoes, we know what it takes to make your small business successful.  Whether you are a startup, craft brewery, or something in between, we’ve got you covered with far more than your basic accounting and tax needs.  Consider us a support line for your business- a mentor, even.  We help your business grow by providing insight, practical skills, coaching and more to help you go from progressing to prospering.

The Xero accounting application was designed specifically for small businesses. It’s easy to use and will save you incredible amounts of time, transforming the way you run your business.

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craft brewery accountant

As a small start-up brewery with only owner-operators, any help we can get for quick decision-making and long-term strategies, as well as bookkeeping support, is huge. Lance CPA Group has been a great help in making it easy for us to stay nimble, budget-conscious, and effective in our accounting.

small business accountant

As a small business owner, I have a certain set of skills that have been honed to a razor’s edge over years of practice. Finance is categorically NOT among those skills. We began our business with an accountant who ignored us until tax time, only to hit us with a staggering bill.

Lance CPA Group never let on that my questions are often incredibly dumb, are unfazed reconciling the purchase of a 7- foot suit of armor, and have taken a massive chunk of workload and stress off my mind/shoulders as our business has exponentially expanded.

I no longer live in fear of making a costly finance mistake, because to borrow a slogan, we’re in good hands with them. Not that there’s been any touching. They’re quite professional, but not remotely stuffy. Otherwise I imagine we would have scared them off by now.

We are so thankful that we have been working with Lance CPA Group over the last few years.  We no longer have to worry about paying sales tax, inventory accounting, and keeping the books clean.  All of the accounting ‘stuff’ took us hours a week and didn’t allow us to focus on revenue generating activities.  Last year we were able to scale up big time and grow our business bottom line over 300%.  Lance CPA Group is an integral part of our team.  Thank you!

Andrea Melrose

The team at Lance CPA has been a tremendous asset to Tacklebox. Not only are they complete experts in the world of tax, accounting – and business in general – but they’re super responsive, quick and friendly. We love their combination of technology and intelligence; both have allowed us to be a better, smarter, more-efficient company.

David Kelbaugh

We began working with Josh and his team right around the time he launched Lance CPA Group.  We were a newly formed startup as well, and the fact that he catered to small businesses made the relationship a no-brainer.  We’ve worked together for 3 1/2 years now and continue to receive the same expert advice and personal attention we have since day one.

Todd Barancik

Our Strategic Partners

We don't feel like we're doing our job unless yours is getting easier.

That's why we help you with more than just your taxes. Its why we use innovative, cloud-based solutions that allow you to be connected with your accounting records anywhere you go. It's also why we don't bill by the hour OR charge you for calls or emails. It's a new way of running an accounting firm - and it's geared toward helping you thrive.

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