Random Facts Friday: Four of the Coolest Accountants

T-shirts and Calculators: Four of the Coolest Accountants
by Samantha Aycock

For this random facts Friday, I have four of the Coolest Accountants.  For obvious reasons, this list had to include fictional and nonfictional bean counters.  Here we go…

4. Christian Wolff – AKA Ben Affleck in The Accountant. Have you seen this yet!? He does freelance accounting for some of the most dangerous organizations and people around the world, analyzing years of complex data overnight. And then there’s also a touch of Jason Bourne to his character, because, Hollywood. But he still counts as a super cool accountant!
3. Kenny G – What? Yes. Yes, I said it. Kenny G graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Accounting from the University of Washington. Is your mind blown? It shouldn’t be. Accountants are smooth and awesome. From now on, when you hear “accountant” I hope you’re hearing this magic.
2. Ben Wyatt – he named his calculator (this is a basically a prerequisite for sitting for the CPA exam), he uses accounting puns regularly, loves Batman and listens to Salt n Pepa. Need we say more?
1. Frank J. Wilson – After a three year federal investigation, Wilson accounted for millions of dollars in unreported income generated by Al Capone and his “Chicago Outfit”. That’s right, folks. Only an accountant could catch Al Capone. Now that’s pretty cool.