Random Facts Friday: Halloween Edition

T-shirts and Calculators: Random Facts Friday Halloween Edition
by Samantha Aycock
I honestly was unsure Friday would ever arrive! But we are SO glad it’s here! To celebrate, we’re presenting our Random Facts Friday!
1. Halloween candy sales average about $2 billion annually in the US. That’s BILLION.
2. According to both my dentist and mouthhealthy.org, the candy to avoid the most this season is gummy candy! They both advise to stick with chocolate. That’s the best medical advice I think I’ve ever received. Doctor’s orders – time for a snickers!
3. November is also known as “No Shave November”. No Shave November is a non-profit that endeavors to grow cancer awareness by having you grow your beard. They also raise funds to support cancer education, prevention and support. I love this. And when the month is over, if you want to keep that awesome beard going- go for it! But also maybe consider a little grooming. I’m planning to send my husband and his friends to beard paradise.
4. Speaking of paradise, the average temperature in Hawaii in the month of October is 87 degrees. Now that is just plain rude.
5. And on the topic of Hawaii, did you know it’s the only US state that grows coffee? I take it back, Hawaii. You’re not rude at all.