Personal Financial Planning

Are you striving to get out of debt? Worried about saving for your kid’s college fund? Or concerned about how you’ll afford retirement or some major lifestyle endeavor?

Personal financial planning is a best practice for anyone who owns or manages a business. Particularly with your innovative startup or craft brewery, it’s a piece of your professional planning puzzle that, if missing, can make your financial picture incomplete.

At Joshua Lance CPA, LLC, the stability of your financial future is a top priority for us. From a financial planning standpoint, we believe in taking a proactive approach as we work with you to:

  • Identify financial planning goals
  • Develop strategies to achieve those goals
  • Assess progress against your timeline
  • Take corrective actions when needed
  • Coach you around clear factors affecting your odds of success

Whatever your personal goals and dreams, we’ll use our proven financial planning expertise and powerful cloud-based tools to design your customized plan. We’re happy to meet face to face, of course, but we can easily work remotely if virtual financial planning is best for you.

With our financial planning services, don’t expect us to simply give you “the plan.” We’ll also want to coach you on how to change stubborn-old habits and adopt valuable new practices for turning personal financial dreams into reality. As your financial planning partner, we strive to keep our end of the bargain with accountability, ongoing support, and the motivation you need to succeed.

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