Tax Planning and Preparation

When most people think “taxes,” they envision piles of paperwork, countless hours of organizing and computing, and an ever-present fear around errors, tax law changes, missed deadlines and much more. Because of all this, tax planning, preparation and filing can feel overwhelming.

If you’ve typically tackled your own taxes or worked with firms that use a traditional versus a technology-based approach, we bet you can relate to this angst. But here’s the good news—we get it!

We know tax planning and preparation is not how you want to spend your time when it comes to building an innovative startup business or craft brewery. We are also sure that with certain cloud-based technologies and our experience serving businesses like yours, your taxes can be professionally managed faster and better in general.

At Joshua Lance CPA, LLC, we use the right cloud-based solutions and tools to streamline the necessary processes, procedures and paperwork. We make tax planning and preparation as simple and stress-free as possible. Plus, we manage it all proactively to maximize deductions and credits as well as to help avoid surprises throughout the year.

Here’s how we do it better:

  • Virtual management. You’re busy, and we know it. If you prefer to meet face to face here in Chicago, we can meet personally to talk “taxes.” But we can just as easily handle it all virtually via Skype, phone, or email. After all, we have clients based throughout the United States, so this is typically how we do business. If possible, we encourage you to “go virtual” and use the time you save to focus on your priorities.
  • Needs assessment. We don’t just take your financials and start completing and filing returns. We’ll review past and recent returns, talk about present concerns and goals, and work with you to determine planning and tax preparation needs for the future. In reviewing past returns, we may spot errors or opportunities to do something differently and better. If you feel we’ve nailed it and can meet—if not exceed your needs and expectations—only then will we put together our engagement letter and fixed-rate fees for our services. Our goal is to let you know what we can really do for you. With Joshua Lance CPA, LLC, the commitment, costs and deliverables are always crystal clear.
  • Purposeful communication. Part of the tax-prep process involves our firm educating you about what’s happening and why, as well as what to expect well before a tax deadline. Working proactively, before the year’s end, is simply a smart tax planning and prep strategy. It’s our best effort to give you what you need to know well before you need to know it. Come a tax deadline, this approach also minimizes the risk of error and helps ease unnecessary tax stress.

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