At Lance CPA Group, we specialize in helping businesses rooted in the present but eternally looking toward the future.

Headquartered in Chicago, we cater to a niche target audience: tech-centric startup and growth companies located right here but also beyond our vibrant city

Whatever competitive edge you’re carving—healthcare apps, e-commerce, social media, web development, etc.—if you use or offer some form of technology in your line of work, we can support your endeavors through our cloud-based CPA solutions for tech companies. We enjoy collaborating with innovative thinkers and doers…creative types who are “making magic happen” in our ever-changing global economy.

We exist to help your business thrive - regardless of size and no matter what it takes.

As a cloud-based CPA firm that works virtually with most of our clients, we’re naturally big believers in the power of technology to streamline the financials of any business. Our own experience with cloud-based partners and other proven, progressive software solutions have us convinced that a number of key technologies work wonders—there’s no turning back! So we’ve become self-made technology gurus. We stay in the know with what clients like you are doing and deliver technology-based CPA and financial services we believe you’ll love and trust.

Let build your business together!

We Get You

We are entrepreneurs just like you, so we not only know what its like to be in your shoes, we know what it takes to make your tech startup or growth company successful.