T-shirts and Calculators: Monday Morning Food for Thought by Samantha Aycock

T-shirts and Calculators: Monday Morning Food for Thought by Samantha Aycock

Daylight Saving Time is fast approaching, and I am not thrilled. As a mom to young kids, you understand that your children will never actually respect the numbers the clock reads anyway. But the glorious hope the one hour extra provides is so beautiful, you don’t fight it. But when it ends- and you have to lose an hour? That is utterly tragic. What’s worse is when people say cheerily “Don’t forget to SPRING AHEAD!”. Spring. Spring!? Who springs when they lose an hour of sleep? Who honestly thought that LOSING an hour of precious sleep (during tax season) was a good idea?!

Oh wait- I can tell you exactly who: the idea was proposed by Benjamin Franklin. Daylight Saving Time was not adopted as a law, though, until Germany made it so during World War I. The idea was to conserve coal, and Britain quickly followed suit.
Today, most of the USA participates in Daylight Saving Time, except Hawaii and most of Arizona.
DST ends in November, however it used to end in October. That is, until the candy industry began to lobby for the date to be pushed back! Ending the extra hour of daylight so close to Halloween apparently did not bode well for Big Candy.
I guess Daylight Saving Time is a little interesting, but mostly I’m just bitter about my imminent stumble into spring.
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