T-shirts and Calculators: Random Facts Friday

T-shirts and Calculators: Random Facts Friday
by Jamie Engelhardt

Today’s blog is a sampling of a fun little thing we like to call “Random Facts Friday.”  Usually, this will have nothing to do with accounting, taxes, breweries, start-ups,  or anything that we might typically be writing about.  Instead, because it’s Friday and we are all ready for the weekend, we show up in your news feed with a few random facts that you can share with your co-workers, spouses, children, to make it through to the weekend!   Today’s “Random Facts Friday” is sponsored by the season of fall.


1)    Autumn has been called the “hectic beauty of death.”

2)    During the spring and summer, most people eat more carbs. However, they develop a tendency for fattier foods in the autumn, which leads to seasonal weight gain

3)    Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, takes place each autumn. The festival began as part of a crown prince’s wedding celebrations in 1810 and has continued since. About 1.3 million gallons (5 million liters) of beer are poured during the festival.

4)    The largest squash on record belonged to Joel Jarvis. His prize-winner weighed 1,486.6 pounds. Think about how much butternut squash soup could be made with that!

5)    When leaves change color in the fall, they are actually becoming their true color. In the summer, the chlorophyll (which is how the leaves receive nourishment from the sun) takes over and causes them to turn green and hide their color.

Hey, we even managed to get something about beer in there!  Hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of “Random Facts Friday.”  Happy Fall Ya’ll.