T-shirts and Calculators: Setting Expectations for Your Start- Up

T-shirts and Calculators: Setting Expectations for Your Start-Up by Susan Heidenreich

Starting a new business can be confusing at times, right?  There’s a lot to get done and it can be difficult to keep track of who needs to do what.  So what is the antithesis of confusing? According to wordhippo.com it’s: clear, plain, orderly, reassuring.  Don’t those four words sound refreshing?!  

One of the most important practices a small business can put into place is setting clear expectations for staff to help eliminate confusion.  You know your business, so you know how this would best be carried out.  It could be weekly face-to-face meetings in a conference room, a staff Google Hangout (like we do!) or maybe an awesome workflow software (might we suggest Jetpack Workflow?).  Any way you decide to collaborate, make sure expectations are set by assigning clear tasks in an order that makes sense.  The next step is following up to make sure things are actually getting accomplished.  This step of accountability is crucial!  If tasks are always assigned but never followed up on, a pattern will begin where things can slip through the cracks.  Taking it a step further, staff might begin to not put forth much effort if they get a sense that things consistently fall by the wayside.  By following up with accountability, you are also setting the expectation for your staff that you can be trusted to see that their hard work makes its way to completion.

So, wrangle the confusion by setting clear, orderly expectations so that everyone will feel reassured that what needs to get done will, in fact, get done.  Confused about accounting for your new start-up?  Call Joshua Lance CPA!