T-shirts and Calculators: Something New

T-shirts and Calculators: Something New
Jamie Engelhardt, Admin Ninja

Joshua Lance CPA, LLC has big things coming; big things people!  We are all very excited about how the firm has grown and changed in the last year.  Not only have we taken on many exciting new clients, our staff has grown from one dude to one dude and three ladies.  Yep, that’s right there are 4 of us now.  I like to claim that I am the only non-nerd of the bunch, but who am I kidding? I just geek out over fonts and color schemes instead of numbers and bank reconciliations.

One bright and shiny spot on our growing firm horizon is our new blog, T-shirts and Calculators!  You are reading it right here, right now.  Why T-Shirts and Calculators?  Well, unlike most accounting firms, we are a cloud based firm with a virtual office.  Most days you can find us working in our living rooms or basements and we are most definitely not wearing suits, dress shirts, or nylons.  We are the self proclaimed “coolest nerds in town” and we bring something unique to the accounting table.  We (okay well probably me most of all) are very excited to launch this blog with great, engaging content.  Since Joshua Lance CPA, LLC works with creatives, innovators, techies, and brewmasters every day in our accounting world, we thought it only fitting that our blog match our clients.  You can look forward to reading Tech-Head Tuesdays, our Brewery Reviewery, The Creative Cache, and other exciting blogs related to Accounting, Start-ups, and Taxes (yes even tax information can be exciting)!

This week we will be posting on most days, giving you a small preview of the fun and exciting posts to come.  Come back tomorrow for our very first Tech-Head Tuesday by Josh!

Thanks for visiting and we hope you come back to check out another post soon!  Make sure to like and share on your social media platforms as well!  Thank you from the bottom of our nerdy little hearts.