Teaching Startup Accounting at Northwestern University

T-shirts and Calculators: Teach Startup Accounting at Northwestern University
by Joshua Lance, CPA, CGMA

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching this fall quarter at Northwestern University a class called Startup Accounting alongside Curt Mastio from Startup Accounting Advisors.  The Farley Center for Entrepreneurship at Northwestern is a great program that engages and educates students on being entrepreneurs and creating companies.  There have been a number of extremely successful companies that were started by Northwestern students while their were at college.  Starting this fall, they have expanded the courses being offered and one of the new courses they are offering is called Startup Accounting, which is going to be focused on teaching these student entrepreneurs about accounting and how to use that data to run their businesses.  We will be teaching these students to understand accounting concepts and apply those concepts in running their startups.  We will be utilizing case studies to have these students apply the concepts as well as work with existing startups to understand their accounting and finances and applied their knowledge with those companies.

I am honored to be teaching this course and I am excited to help these students understand how good accounting can help them run and grow their startups.  You can catch me in action every Tuesday from 2-5pm at the Ford Design Studio on Northwestern’s Evanston campus.