Tech Head Tuesday: Technology Trends in 2017

T-shirts and Calculators Blog: Tech Head Tuesday – Technology Trends in 2017
by Jamie Engelhardt

With the new year just around the corner, you can expect to see the “Top 10” and “Top 20” lists start rolling out.  While these lists are often used to look back on the previous year, this list is looking toward the future.  After reading “Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017” put out by, you are going to be amazed; I know I was.  As machines get smarter, our technology continues to expand, providing more and more services right at your finger-tips.  We are seeing it in the accounting world already, and you can be certain you will be seeing it in your area of expertise as well.  This is some pretty crazy stuff.  Check it out here!  

Some of the top trends shown here deal with machine learning and artificial intelligence.  At the most recent Xerocon in San Francisco, Rod Drury spoke about how machine learning and artificial intelligence is impacting the accounting profession and how that will impact particularly their accounting software.  Machine learning and AI will result in transactions automatically be posted to the correct accounts, provide for self-auditing accounting records and further the connectivity between Xero and other software.  This change will allow accountants to be more proactive and provide more advisory services to their clients, which is beneficial for all parties.

Which of the technology trends do you think will be most impactful to your business?