There is No Tax Off Season

T-shirts and Calculators: There is No Tax Off Season
It’s September 15! Today extended corporation tax returns are due and in a month extended personal tax returns are due, which stands as a reminder to the rest of us: the tax “off season” doesn’t really exist. April 15 (actually the 18th in 2017) will be here before we know it!
My husband, prior to marrying his better, funnier and far more humble other half, used to prep for tax time by texting his uncle, an accountant, on April 15 and saying “Hi, I got some forms. What do I do?”.
He would have nothing prepared. I’ll never forget the year he made the (now) hilarious mistake of marking that he had seven dependents when in fact, he had none. He is not his uncle’s favorite person, and that is being generous.
Then there’s me- the person who color coordinates her calendars, files everything in alphabetical order and gets nervous if I complete a task only a day before the deadline.
Enter: a tax organizer! I’m partial to this one. But use what works for you. I recommend an organizer that has about 6 sections. I use one for each of the following: my income, my husband’s income, mortgage/home documents, donations, schooling/loans/books, miscellaneous. But feel free to tailor it to your needs. The beauty of being organized for your taxes each year is you can get as wild and crazy as you want!
Now that I work for an accounting firm, I understand even more the necessity of being organized when it comes around to tax time.  Josh and Saima definitely appreciate it, but it also is important for the taxpayer as well so you make sure you are not forgetting that charitable contribution you made in February or how much you contributed to your IRA account.  It can be a paper organizer like I prefer or you can upload all of your documents to Dropbox or Google Drive.
If you still need your personal tax return done, feel free to reach out to us. Just make sure you are organized! Happy filing!