Weekend Brew Review- Alarmist Brewing “Entrenched IPA”

T-shirts and Calculators: Weekend Brew Review- by Samantha Aycock

We here at Joshua Lance CPA, LLC are very excited to recognize one of our newest clients- Alarmist Brewing!

Their taproom will be opening soon, but you can pick up their beer in stores now! For this month’s brew review, I decided to grab Alarmist’s “Entrenched Illinois IPA.”

Honestly, I knew nothing about it- but grabbed it because of the slick can design and “Illinois IPA”  intrigued me. Needless to say, I’m so glad I picked it up. For starters, my husband and I do not have the same taste in beer- and yet we both really enjoyed this one. It has all the good, lush bitterness of a citrus peel IPA, but none of the lingering syrupy aftertaste. We were trying to identify what we were tasting in the beer that was making it stand out, and I think it was the Munich malts- but I cannot say for sure. All I can say with certainty is we drank them all and they were really, really good.

Entrenched is the hometown hero with a twist and should be enjoyed with light appetizers and good company. And yes, Netflix absolutely counts as good company.