Working From Vacation Home

I have worked from home for 5 years, and I have loved every moment of it.  When my husband got a remote job 3 years ago, I was nervous to see how we’d fare, but it turned out to be a ton of fun.  But when COVID hit, our kids started remote learning and all four of us were struggling to find quiet corners of the house to work while also ensuring we were close enough to the router to secure the best bandwidth.  Needless to say, the sparkle of remote learning and working from home started to dull.  Time this also with some inescapable work that needed to be done on our house (for which we could not be in the house for), so we decided to give a vacation house a try.


We found a dog friendly house on VRBO and packed up the car to drive straight through to south Florida from IL.  To prepare, we packed a cooler with lots of healthy meals and premade, car friendly snacks so we wouldn’t have to stop anywhere on the drive down.  We loaded up on podcasts, Led Zeppelin, car lego sets, wiki stix, art supplies and downloaded netflix shows.  And 24 hours later we made it!  We arrived in sunny, 80 degree weather with a pool to ourselves and fantastic Wifi. 
Working and e-learning from our vacation rental has been a dream. On short breaks from work calls and remote learning, the kids are able to hop in the pool and swim and soak up the sunshine.  Because we can use the screened in outdoor patio, we have more space to spread out and not interrupt each other’s calls.  Each person has their own work station set up with their appropriate chargers, books, papers and more.

The COVID pandemic has been stressful and having our entire family working and learning from home has absolutely come with it’s challenges.  However, since we didn’t go on our family vacation in 2020 that we had planned, we had the money set aside to spend 3 weeks working and learning from a warmer climate- and I’m so glad we did!  It was the perfect recharge to get us through Chicago’s snowy winter that is upon us!