Employee Engagement Part 1


Employee engagement is quickly becoming one of the top workplace buzzwords and is often used to gauge satisfaction and productivity levels at work. Today’s employees are no longer interested in just showing up, performing their tasks, and going home.  They want to be invested and enthusiastic about their work, and to feel connected to and valued by their company. 

Unfortunately, the majority of employees don’t feel that way. Research from Gallup revealed that just 36% of employees report feeling engaged at work. With such low engagement levels, employers should actively try to find ways to keep their employees engaged and satisfied.

The benefits of high employee engagement are nearly endless. It has been consistently proven that happy workers are productive workers, which equals good things for your business. 

Here are six major benefits of having engaged employees:

Increased productivity

According to Gallup, employees who are highly engaged with their job and workplace are around 17% more productive than non-engaged employees.  They not only enjoy their work and are committed to the overall goals of the company, but they also want to produce high-quality work and they take pride in what they do.

Higher retention

Engaged employees are happy with their work, like the people they work with, and believe strongly in the company’s mission. This means they are unlikely to look for jobs elsewhere, which helps you retain valuable employees.

Lower absenteeism

When employees care about their job and their impact on the team, they are much more likely to avoid calling out of work if they don’t need to. Engaged employees want to work and contribute to the overall success of their organization, so they are unlikely to take time off for no reason.

Better quality of work

Engaged employees are motivated to do their best on everything they do. They are also more inclined to take bigger risks, be creative, and build their skills through seminars, mentorships and courses.

Increased revenue

Since engaged employees often go the extra mile, they produce higher volumes of better-quality work, which can increase your company’s revenue. 

Stronger communication

When employees feel valued and supported, they will feel comfortable coming to you and other managers with their thoughts and issues. Open communication between you and your employees is so important, as it allows you to address issues quickly and efficiently and keep your business running smoothly.