Employee Engagement Part 3

How to get Employees Engaged

Employee engagement is more than employees just being happy with their work.  It is about feeling a sense of pride and connection to the work and to the business, which often results in higher job satisfaction, productivity and quality of work.  Engaged employees are committed to bettering their work and the company at large. They are unlikely to leave their position for a higher salary or better title at another company, which reduces your employee turnover rate.

How to get your employees engaged?

There are so many ways to get your employees to feel connected and valued.  If you are trying to boost employee engagement in your company, it is important to be patient and not try too hard. Changing how connected your employees feel to the company takes time and must be real and not forced. Here are some ideas for helping your employees feel more engaged with your organization:

1. Make time for fun

We are not designed to be work machines.  Try incorporating fun, bonding experiences that let your employees relax and let loose.  A few great ideas are to do a company outing to a new brewery in town, a sporting event, bowling, or an escape room.  If you have employees in the office, order pizza for the whole company.

2. Offer unique employee discounts

Work perks are a great way to make employees feel that your company offers something special. This could be discounted sports or concert tickets, special employee pricing for items your company sells, or deals on travel.

3. Know your employees

This should be an easy one!  To best value and support your employees, you need to know who they are as people.  The best thing every manager should do is to set up a time to talk with your employees. Get to know their names, their kids and pets, their values and aspirations.  Invite them to lunch or coffee and get to know them!

4. Create opportunities for collaboration

Employees who have strong, positive relationships with their co-workers are automatically more engaged with their workplace, since it’s a large source of their interpersonal relationships. Create plenty of opportunities for your employees to work together and get to know each other.

5. Make it clear how your employees contribute

Employees need to know exactly how they fit into the organization and how their work contributes to the overall goals. Without providing that insight, you risk your workers feeling as if they are an invisible cog in the wheel, doing work that no one appreciates. You might want to create a flowchart or graphic that shows how each employee’s work impacts others and the company at large.

6. Be open and transparent

It is  much easier for employees to engage with a company when they know what’s going on, both good and bad. As a leader, you should be as transparent as possible with your employees. This shows that you trust and value them enough to keep them abreast of organizational happenings. 

7. Offer wellness perks

When thinking about perks to offer, consider unlimited PTO, the ability to work from home at least a couple days a week, catered lunches once a week, or yoga classes.

8. Offer coaching and mentoring

By connecting employees with others in the company who have expertise to share, you can open up pathways of communication and learning within the scope of your company. Coaching and mentoring can help your employees map out their careers, grow their skills and become more innovative.

9. Make a point to integrate new hires

Making a new hire feel welcome and part of the team is a great way to build up employee engagement right from the start. Be sure to introduce each new hire to everyone on the team and create opportunities for the new employee to interact with their team members one-on-one to forge strong initial connections.





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