The World Beer Cup 2023

The World Beer Cup 2023 took place in Nashville on May 10th.  It is an international competition promoted as the largest and most prestigious in the industry, with honored craft breweries from across the globe.  So many craft breweries consider this to be the “Olympics of Beer” and is a huge deal. 

Judges evaluated 10,213 beers from 2,376 breweries across 51 countries.  This year resulted in 307 medals awarded across 103 categories.  We are so proud of our brewery clients who competed.  Some of them won awards too!  Winning a World Beer Cup brings attention to all breweries and can put your brewery on the map!  According to Chris Williams, the World Beer Cup competition director, “The World Beer Cup brings together the finest brewers and beers from around the globe and celebrates creativity, craftsmanship, and passion for great beer.  Receiving a World Beer Cup award is a testament to quality and innovation, and we commend this year’s winners for setting the bar higher than ever.”

Here is the complete list of the breweries that took home World Beer Cup  Awards!