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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Project Budget Under Control

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Project Budget Under Control

One of the hardest parts of running a project for your digital consulting firm is to ensure that it does not go over budget.  If you find yourself constantly running over budget, here are some things you can do to try to keep the budget under control.



A project manager can help with the budget and staffing.  The project manager should be assigning staff and managing them to make sure they are working within their budget.  This includes allocating the proper resources to the staff and time tracking. The project manager should be tracking and updating the budget on a regular basis to see if the project is projected to go over budget.

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Develop a good contingency plan in case your budget gets blown.  This could include assigning less costly staff to complete some of the tasks, adding in a flex fund to the original proposal to cover cost overruns, and using less expensive materials when acceptable if costs get out of control.



Before the project begins, the project manager should clearly define the scope of the work and make sure that all staff involved understand it.  Throughout the project, the manager should check in with the staff to make sure they are staying within scope.

Before charging into the next project, it may be wise to take some time to analyze why your past projects have exceeded their budget.  Taking an in-depth look at where the project went over budget will help you identify areas you can adjust for the next project.  This will help you create a better plan for future proposals and ultimately help you stay within your budget.  And remember, accurate budgets and numbers increases your profitability and the overall success of your business.    


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