Buyer’s Remorse: It’s Not What You Deserve

Buyer’s Remorse: It’s Not What You Deserve

At some point in your life, you’ve probably experienced buyer’s remorse. You upgraded your cell phone and then a new model came out the next day or you bought a shirt because it was trendy and then realized you actually hated the color. I won’t lie, it’s been painful to look back on my long list of “what was I thinking” items. While consumer items can be returned, it’s a bit more complicated experiencing buyers remorse when it comes to hiring a service provider. In many cases, poor service is an open door to an influx of multiple problems. It’s the contractor who puts a hole in your ceiling while installing insulation or the dry cleaner that gets a stain out, but shrinks your shirt in the process.

It’s the bookkeeper you hired that never created a proper chart of accounts or failed to reconcile your books on a regular basis, thus putting you at risk for filing incorrect tax returns. Not to mention, going back through your books and fixing everything that was entered incorrectly.

I can’t tell you how many clients we’ve come across that have had a poor experience with their previous bookkeeper. They’ve been taken advantage of, nickeled and dimed for every phone call and email, and still received incorrect numbers from their accountant. That is not what they deserve. It’s not what you deserve- but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post that you can check out here.

When these clients come to us, we try to pull them up by their proverbial bootstraps and ask them to give it another go. We work hard to ensure that you will never experience these frustrations again. Our firm is structured in a system of checks and balances (no pun intended), where we have backups for our backups. We like our clients to stay informed and involved as we work with them month to month on their accounting needs. This is after all, your business. Our core beliefs say it best, “we believe your small business is important business.” You shouldn’t have to worry about incorrect numbers or untimely data. We don’t feel like we are doing our job unless yours is getting easier. Working with us should be a seamless experience. You get what you need and want in am accurate and timely manner.

At some point in your life you will experience buyers remorse. It’s our goal to make sure its not with us.

About Samantha Aycock

Samantha attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. For 6 years she worked as an accounting analyst for an international law firm in Chicago. Sam is most known for her overly cautious nature. Case in point, she is afraid there might be a bear in her backyard in the Chicago suburbs— an ACTUAL bear. We can’t make this stuff up people.