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Why Craft Breweries?

We work with craft breweries because simply put, we love craft beer!  In the early days of Lance CPA Group, when the time came to focus on a niche, Josh was a home brewer and knew the industry well.  Early 2014 was the beginning of the growth in breweries in the greater Chicagoland area, and Josh knew these brand new breweries would need someone who understood the accounting, finance and regulatory aspects of their industry.  We now work with breweries across the country by helping them grow strategically to reach the goals of their brewery.

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Our partnership with Noon Whistle Brewing Co.

“As a small business owner, know what you are good at.  And the things that you aren’t really good at, surround yourself with people that are.”

-Mike, Noon Whistle Brewing Company, IL

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A Case Study

Capacity for growth

While discussing the current state of finances with one of our brewery clients, we were able to advise them on how their excess cash on hand could best be utilized for their brewery.

A few of our brewery partners

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