We exist to help your brewery thrive- regardless of size, and no matter what it takes.

At Lance CPA Group, we partner with craft brewery owners who embrace
unconventional risk and strive for creativity. Those who lend themselves to change, remain transparent and without pretense are the breweries that thrive.

“As a small business owner, know what you are good at.  And the things that you aren’t really good at, surround yourself with people that are.”

-Mike, Noon Whistle Brewing Company, IL


We’ve made it our job to get to know your craft brewery business. From bookkeeping to taxes, to everything in between, we believe your small business is important business.

Let us show you our brewery expertise

The advent of the four pack has been a unique marker in the craft beer industry. Four packs are for those special beers that may contain more alcohol or be a bit more special than the standard six pack offering.  They showcase the beer, calling out the distinct qualities that separate this beer from the endless array of six packs on the shelf.  

Not unlike a uniquely crafted four pack of beer, this four pack is different from most thought leadership you would normally expect from your accountant. It’s not the same standard information trotted around about taxes, depreciation, or deductions. It’s really not about accounting or taxes at all.
It is a bit different.  It’s a bit distinct. 

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Each month we bring you the latest craft beer industry insights and keep you up to date on need to know information.

webinar series

Our three-part webinar series is designed to take you through a business owners’  journey. We partnered with our friends at Schaeffer Law Firm to combine the financial and legal expertise brewery owners need at every step of the way; whether you’re just starting, beginning to scale in the process of growing, or planning to exit and change your business strategy.


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