Our Dallas Accountant Susan Heidenreich: Teaching Us To Be Cool Since 2017

Our Dallas Accountant Susan Heidenreich: Teaching Us To Be Cool Since 2017

There’s a reason she just moved to Dallas (okay there’s a lot of them), but one reason is because it’s so much warmer than her Illinois homeland.  So warm, in fact, that within the week they will be breaking ground on a new pool in their backyard!  You want to move to Dallas too now don’t you?  Which one of our lovely team members are we speaking of?  It’s Susan!  Susan joined our team a little over a year ago and easily became everyone’s favorite person.  This new-to-Dallas accountant adds a good balance of seriousness and humor to our team.

Also, since she’s got some tweens in the house, she keeps us all informed of the latest trends and hip phrases.  Just FYI, “hip phrase” is not a hip phrase.  Our latest endeavors as a team have been trying to distinguish between something or someone being “basic” or “extra.”  Yeah, we still don’t know.


A few more fun facts about Susan.  Batman is her favorite superhero, she loves pizza, and her favorite holiday is Christmas.  She’d rather ask permission than forgiveness and her biggest pet peeve is messiness.  Oh, and if she was a “Friends” character, she would definitely be Monica.

In between lounging at her new pool (it’s a giant hole in the ground right now) and carting her girls to various activities, Susan and her husband love checking out the craft beer scene- Dallas is the place to be for sampling some new brews.  We are excited for her to explore the area more and tell us about all her adventures in the big and warm state of Texas!


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