We don't feel like we are doing our job unless yours is getting easier.

With multiple projects in the pipeline and accounts being billed and received at rapid fire,  it’s important to have an accountant who understands the necessity of accurate, real-time numbers.  When your books are clean and your numbers are true, your profitability increases. You are able to see the jobs where you hit your budget spot on, and where you can make improvements for next time.  We’ll help you build out a forecast so you know how to bid properly, adequately, and make sure your income and profit is the best it can be.

Let's build your digital agency together!

We’re humans just like you, and in a industry as competitive as yours, we know it’s important to have allies.

With streamlined technologies, advanced forecasting models, and your business financials available in real time at the tap of your Apple Watch, we know you will fall head over heels for the services we provide. Lance CPA Group is prepared to grow with your business by managing your financials.

We’re professional, but we’re not corporate. No stuffy suits or briefcases. No boardrooms or staunch offices.

At Lance CPA Group, we get it.  We know you spend countless hours trying to sell an idea. Our team is here for you; and we care. We ease your concerns regarding the success of your digital agency.  We’re entrepreneurs just like you, so we not only know what its like to be in your shoes, we know what it takes to make your digital agency successful.  After all, we don’t feel like we are doing our job unless yours is getting easier.

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