Ekaterina Angert: Accountant by Day, Cat Midwife by Night

Ekaterina Angert: Accountant by Day, Cat Midwife by Night

If you spend any amount of time with Ekaterina Angert (or Kat as we call her), you will quickly learn that she has a lot of interests, but among the top are ballet/being a dance mom and her cats.  In fact, just this week as she was planning to sit down and go about her daily accounting tasks, she quickly realized this was not the plan for her day at all; her cat was going into labor!  When all was said and done, 4 tiny little kittens were brought into the world by this superhero accountant/midwife.  Bet you didn’t think that was happening when she was working on your monthly accounting now did you?  

As we mentioned before, Kat is also a dance mom.  Her two little ladies can be found dancing their hearts out on most days.  They are just the cutest and so talented too!

When she’s not watching dance and taking care of her kittens, Kat loves to garden and be out in nature.  Her favorite color is blue and she prefers wine to beer (shhh… it’s okay she can still work for a firm that serves craft breweries).  Her favorite holiday is New Year’s and if she had to pick a favorite carnival ride it would be (and I quote) “something that is the most extreme.”  We love having Kat as a part of our team and look forward to many more adventures in cat labor and delivery!

About Jamie Engelhardt

Our Operations and Marketing Manager is Jamie Engelhardt, a stay at home mom and photographer from the Chicago suburbs.  She has held various jobs including administrative work for a suburban chiropractic office.  Jamie graduated from the University of Northwestern with a degree in Intercultural Studies.  Jamie and her husband Andy have three children- Lydia, Jeremiah, and Malachi.  She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, music, art, the Chicago Blackhawks, and growing her photography business.