Dalton CousarDalton Cousar
New Year, New Brew: Fall Brewing Company, San Diego

New Year, New Brew: Fall Brewing Company, San Diego

This unfiltered IPA is hopped with both Simcoe and Citra hops, giving it a bright crisp start and a lingering citrus flavor. Personally, I get orange and pineapple notes with a firm hop backbone. Name Drop is far less bitter than most IPAs and less funky than a majority of the unfiltered beers I’ve had.

Fall Brewery has been a staple in North Park San Diego for just over 4 years and has an almost cult following. Fall keeps its fingers on the punk rock scene here in San Diego and thrives on staying “out of step,” but by no means are they the black sheep of the neighborhood. 

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All in all, this brewery continually delivers outstanding beer, lowbrow art, and the best company you can find. It’s no wonder why we all keep coming back.

About Dalton Cousar

Dalton is a US Navy veteran. He’s our Customer Success Associate and loves chatting with new people. To that end, Dalton bartends most nights in downtown San Diego all because of that cheesy, 80’s Tom Cruise movie. When he’s not behind the bar he’s soaking up the sun on the beach with his dog Jethro.