Good Ole Customer Service

Good Ole Customer Service

In this day and age, it seems that everything is becoming automated and human interaction is getting replaced by a one-click option on a screen.  While these avenues may make your errand or task quicker, you may be missing out on the added benefits of face-to-face or personalized interactions. 

self checkout

I was recently at Target with my infant daughter who was loudly expressing her boredom to anyone who would listen, so naturally my instincts lead me to the self checkout lanes to get me to the exit faster.  When I realized that the self checkout line was longer than the nearby cashier, I begrudgingly chose to take my purchases to the cashier.  What started out as apprehension ended in appreciation.  As the cashier rang up my purchases she took the time to not only interact with me but also interacted directly with my daughter, turning her screams into smiles.  The employee knew exactly what I needed in that moment to make a mediocre task more enjoyable: good ole customer service. 

This may not always be the outcome of an interaction, and I can’t say that I will never revert to the benefits of technology.  However, it was a nice small reminder that I want my daughter to grow up learning authentic communication skills and relationship building that comes from interacting with people and not automated computer screens.

Here at Lance CPA Group we are proud that our friends at Xero feel the same way: Xero’s Commitment to Bookkeepers


About Lindsay Pastorino

Being organized and a bit of a clean freak, Lindsay's idea of a good time is cleaning out her closets.  We wouldn't even put it past her to “Danny Tanner it” and vacuum her vacuum from time to time!  These traits, however, make her the perfect person for the project manager role.  When she's not keeping things organized, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.  Lindsay holds degrees from both Illinois State University and Loyola University-Chicago.