We love helping small businesses with their accounting, tax planning and preparation, plus other growth and planning needs. Regardless of your industry, we are happy to support in your success.

We also have a unique, multi-faceted niche: Here in Chicago and beyond, we specialize in CPA services for innovative startup companies that use technology to leverage their business potential. We also cater to those that profit from selling their technology services or products. What’s more, we’re skilled and have experience working with craft breweries. Our grasp of the tax laws and compliance issues in this industry is just another part of our expertise.

While technology-centric startup companies and craft breweries may seem very different, they share one important aspect in common. Both types of businesses are started by founders who are creative and care about their particular craft. Their approach to business is often quite complex and technical in nature, requiring imagination, superior engineering, and out-of-the-box strategic thinking to build their businesses and market them profitably to the world. Our firm was created with these businesses in mind.

Tech-Centric Startups

Our firm was based upon helping startups from the moment they open their doors to early stage growth and the point of turning a profit.  Joshua Lance CPA, LLC is a startup just like you, so we understand the nature of the startup and can help you each step of the way.  Click here to find out more.

Craft Breweries

We know you’d rather be in the brewery, brewing great beer rather than doing your accounting or taxes. Our firm can help your growing craft brewery manage its accounting and tax demands so you can focus on your business’s most vital goals and needs. Click here to find out more.