Lance CPA Group At Home

Lance CPA Group At Home

When we aren’t working, the Lance CPA Group team is making the most out of our time at home!  Below, we share a glimpse into how some of our team members are navigating the stay at home order:


Andrew Parks, Accountant

                                            Nonstop baking



Ashley Michaels, Accountant

                                                                               Puzzles, “jogs,” and eating LOTS of chips



Irene Nelson, Accountant

We have been spending our quarantine days letting the kids cook for us, trying new meals (the kids loved fondue), watching the kids have fun in the trampoline, creating chalk art, sewing masks and bonding with our new puppy, Kiki. She sure does keep us entertained and busy and she makes us laugh all day long with her silly curiosity.



Josh Lance, Managing Director

                                                                                          Weekly virtual wine tastings



Kat Angert, Accountant

               Chalking the sidewalks with positive messages, puzzles, cooking, gardening, and playing with our cats



Katie Milton, Accountant

                                                                                                  Working out and baking



Katie Ong, Accountant

                       Spending lots of family time outside



Kim Allison, Accountant

We built a swing set for my son to help him not get stir crazy with all the parks being closed and all his activities cancelled. Rainy days are the hardest but we fortunately live in a state where it started getting warm at the beginning of this and he’s been outside the majority of the time.



Lindsay Pastorino, Project Manager

                Daily walks outside whether it’s warm or cold



Samantha Aycock, Director of Operations

                                                          Giving our dog pedicures and climbing trees in our backyard



Susan Heidenreich, Accountant

We are coping with quarantine by lip syncing to songs while your sister uses a leaf blower to make you look like you’re in a music video.
About Lindsay Pastorino

Being organized and a bit of a clean freak, Lindsay's idea of a good time is cleaning out her closets.  We wouldn't even put it past her to “Danny Tanner it” and vacuum her vacuum from time to time!  These traits, however, make her the perfect person for the project manager role.  When she's not keeping things organized, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, traveling, and trying new restaurants.