Lance CPA Group Team Retreat

Early December marks the first time the Lance CPA Group team has been together since we hired on CPA and Accounting Manager, Chris Care.  We held our bi-annual retreat, where we covered everything from company and personal goals to the enneagram and lots in between.  Being a virtual firm, this time together in person is so valuable.  While the comfort of our own homes and let’s be honest, being able to work in our pj’s, is great, there is something that can be missed by not being in an office together every day.  However, if anything, this retreat was an indicator that we are doing a pretty decent job creating a company culture.  The team worked well together, conversation was easy, and a lot was accomplished.  

Being this is the only time we would be together for another 6 months or so, we had our holiday party as well!  After a day of work, we headed downtown to The Escape Game in Chicago and guess what- we escaped!  Thanks to the combo of critical thinking (by the men) and observation (by the women) and a little bit of speaking Russian (we had an advantage with Kat) we escaped with 19 minutes left and only using 2 of our 3 free clues!  The team bonding continued as we reached our dinner destination, realized it was so noisy (read- we are not 21 anymore)  we couldn’t hear ourselves think, let alone anyone else talking.  We ventured through the River North neighborhood of Chicago until we found a great steakhouse with delicious steak and seafood.

*(note Saima is always holding Jamie’s baby- not only is she an awesome tax specialist- she’s a baby whisperer)

We rounded out our retreat Saturday with a team photo shoot with the spectacular Hawa Images, followed by brunch at J. Flemings in Westmont, an interesting and insightful conversation about our enneagram types, and afternoon beverages with our clients over at Skeleton Key Brewery (we love supporting small businesses and craft breweries!)

All in all it was a fabulous weekend- the team had fun and we got things done!  Can’t wait until next time!

About Jamie Engelhardt

If she’s not photographing every single elementary school event for her kids’ school, you’ll probably find Jamie binging on chips, salsa and margaritas with one of her closest friends. Jamie graduated from the University of Northwestern with a degree in Intercultural Studies. Her passion for photography and creativity led her down the path to marketing.