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Lance CPA Group Turns 5!

Lance CPA Group Turns 5!

I have been reflecting a bit about Lance CPA Group this past month.  On February 1st, we will hit our five year anniversary of the firm. While the firm was getting started prior to that date, February 1, 2015 was the day I officially started on the journey of building this firm full time. 

Josh Lance

When I first started, I didn’t know if we would still even be here today. I just had a few clients that I scraped together and gave myself a timeline of nine months to make the firm viable, otherwise I would go back and get a 9-5 job.  Fast forward five years, and Lance CPA Group is more successful than I would imagine. We are now a team of 14 people spread over six states serving craft breweries and digital agencies across the country. 

I decided to start Lance CPA Group based on an event that happened and a dream that I had.  Prior to starting Lance CPA Group I had worked at a family office. The job was wonderful, however, the family decided to move their office from Chicago to San Francisco.  With a young family and our support system based here in the Midwest, moving to San Francisco was not an option that made sense for us. It was during that transition time that led to the journey of building Lance CPA Group.  I had always wanted to run my own business someday. As a child, I had numerous lemonade stands and even sold lemonade door to door. In college, I started a ride sharing business (this in the pre-Uber days) that would take students from our college to the airport during breaks at school. This drive to start something that was my own was always in the back of my mind.  The opportunity to start a CPA firm with the transition of my old job made sense. Starting a CPA firm was not necessarily the business I always wanted to start, but I knew the industry and knew that I could take advantage of running a firm that was virtual and remote when very few firms were embracing this concept. 

Lance CPA Group

Once established, choosing a niche to focus on was the next step.  We chose to work with craft breweries because I was a home brewer (and even more so a home winemaker) and I knew about and had a passion for the craft beer industry.  Early 2014 was the beginning of the growth in breweries in the greater Chicagoland area, and I knew these brand new breweries would need someone who understood the accounting, finance, and regulatory aspects of their industry.  We now work with breweries across the country by helping them grow strategically to reach the goals of their brewery.

We also work with digital agencies, which really began when we started to attract agencies by how we branded our firm and positioned ourselves in the marketplace.  While not specifically trying to reach these agencies, they saw how we market ourselves, which was different from most CPA firms. The agencies we get to work with are extremely creative and it’s exciting to see what they come up with and how they serve their client base. 

Josh Lance

As I think through these last five years, I also think forward to the next five years.  There are some really exciting things that we are working on now that will transform how we work with our clients in the future.  I am excited to continue to grow and build this practice. And I’m excited to continue to work with our team. We have some of the best people in the accounting industry and getting to work with them daily is an exceptional privilege.  I am excited to see what the future brings for Lance CPA Group and where we go from here!

About Josh Lance

A licensed certified public accountant (IL) and Chartered Global Management Accountant, Josh is also a family man who calls Chicago home.  Before venturing on his own with a mission to help small businesses, Josh spent his early career at a top-10 national public accounting firm before working at an ultra high net worth family office.  Josh is also an adjunct professor at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.  He enjoys making wine at home, cooking, traveling, and cheering on his favorite football and soccer teams. Josh was honored by being selected to the 2017 class of the AICPA Leadership Academy and was named as one of the 40 under 40 in 2017 by CPA Practice Advisor.