Meet Andrew!

Meet Andrew!

Lance CPA Group keeps growing!  We are excited to introduce you to our newest team member, Andrew!

Andrew Parks

Andrew studied Anthropology at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL and studied abroad for a semester in Tanzania.  While there, he studied animal behaviors, went on a safari, studied and lived with Masaai people, and studied Swahili!  He still enjoys traveling, most recently visiting the southern coast of Spain.  Andrew is also a complete Anglophile and philologist who started teaching himself ancient Greek in high school.  And how does one transition from anthropology to accounting?  Andrew explains it best:

“I’ve always been interested in finance (was the only one of my high school friends keeping a personal budget!) but ended up studying Anthropology because of my strong interest in and propensity for other cultures and languages.  After college, I was able to marry the two interests by getting involved with a small non-profit some friends had started in East Africa. They had passion to help others but lacked organization, so I started learning the bookkeeping, taxes, and operational structure while being able to also travel to visit the partners on the ground as often as I could.  Since then I have had the opportunity to work with small for-profit businesses and always loved the finance and accounting piece best.  My dream is to be able to continue to use my practical accounting skills to benefit ministries, non-profits, or businesses around the world in other cultures and languages!”

While he wishes he lived in another country, he is currently living outside of Chicago with his wife.  Andrew will be working with our accounting clients and he’s a type 1 on the Enneagram, so you know his work is going to be correct!  Welcome to the team, Andrew!

About Lindsay Pastorino

Being organized and a bit of a clean freak, Lindsay's idea of a good time is cleaning out her closets.  We wouldn't even put it past her to “Danny Tanner it” and vacuum her vacuum from time to time!  These traits, however, make her the perfect person for the project manager role.  When she's not keeping things organized, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, traveling, and trying new restaurants.