Meet Our Managing Director: Josh Lance

Meet Our Managing Director: Josh Lance

   You can read the bios on our website to get a better idea of our professional qualifications and general history, but we are so much more than our bios.  Today you get a little deeper look at Josh Lance, the Managing Director of our firm. 

When Josh isn’t running his own business or chasing around his young children, he likes to catch a sports game (the Chicago Blackhawks or the Green Bay Packers), travel, or make wine/brew beer.  He’s the king of trivia- no really- we dare you to challenge him, and he loves cupcakes, pizza, and the Punch Brothers.  A few more answers to the questions that you might be wondering (or not wondering) about our favorite Managing Director.

Which Friends character are you?  Ross (he is soooo a Ross)

Would you rather ask forgiveness or permission?  Permission

Do you need to read the book before you watch the movie?  No

Would you rather walk across a room full of Legos or a room full of hot coals?  Hot coals.

If you could be an Olympic Athlete, which sport would you compete in?  Hockey

There it is friends.  Next time your favorite team is playing the Green Bay Packers and you jump up to cheer against them and much to your chagrin step on your kids Lego Batman helmet, you might just be reminded of your favorite CPA firm owner.

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