Dalton CousarDalton Cousar
New Year, New Brew: Modern Times Beer

New Year, New Brew: Modern Times Beer

I decided to head over to Modern Times to partake in one of my favorite beverages: the Sula sour.  

modern times brewing

The Sula sour is absolutely beautiful in color and has an amazing fruity aroma. This sour starts just like any other, bright and crisp, but what separates it from most is how it feels in your mouth. It isn’t tart but still captures the berry flavor. The finish is very velvety.

The Sula is a perfect entry into the world of sours. It showcases what a sour should be, without being too over the top for the common beer drinker, while still having the depth and complexity that a sour lover will order again and again.

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Dalton is a US Navy veteran. He’s our Customer Success Associate and loves chatting with new people. To that end, Dalton bartends most nights in downtown San Diego all because of that cheesy, 80’s Tom Cruise movie. When he’s not behind the bar he’s soaking up the sun on the beach with his dog Jethro.