We exist to help your business thrive- regardless of its size and no matter what it takes.

Lance CPA Group is not your typical accounting firm. Here's why:

We don't bill by the hour.

We believe finding out the price of your services after the work is done is unethical.  Instead, we listen to your wants and needs prior to giving you a proposal.  Then we provide a fixed-value-based price that we both agree on before we provide our services.  You know your prices up front and there will be no surprises once services are complete.

We price our services on the value created for our clients.

Our services are designed to create value for our clients.  Our pricing captures and reflects the years of experience and the solid history we have working with our clients.

We are outcomes-oriented.

Our services are curated to obtain desired outcomes and create value for our clients.  These services are customized to your particular small business, start-up or craft brewery and are driven on results.

We are a paperless, cloud-based certified public accounting firm.

We use innovative cloud-based solutions that allow you to be connected to your accounting records anywhere you go.  Your records are secured using the latest, safest technology available.  Our secure client portal allows you to upload your documents and enables us to send you completed deliverables.  This “green CPA” solution is simple, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.