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Accounting Services

At Lance CPA Group we handle your day-to-day accounting needs, keeping your financial records up to date and ready for your decision making.  We can equip you with the right reports, financials, tips and tools to move your business in the desired direction and help you succeed.

Monthly Accounting Services

  • Billing, accounts receivable and invoicing
  • Reconciliation of monthly bank and credit card statements
  • Administration of payroll filings and tax forms

Cloud Based Accounting

  • Xero or QBO setup or current system sync
  • Management and system support

Cash Flow and Forecasting

  • Maximize cash flow through efficient accounts payable
  • Customized monthly financial reports
  • Analysis of future cash flows and payment timing

Tax Planning and Preparation

Our dedicated tax team will go above and beyond simply filing your annual tax return.  If needed, they will review past tax returns, talk about present concerns and goals, and work with you to determine planning and tax preparation needs for the future.

Tax Services

  • Annual income tax returns
  • Quarterly tax estimates
  • State sales tax and property tax filings
  • Tax strategy sessions
  • Tax diagnostic

Tax Ebook

We know the world of tax can be confusing and difficult to navigate without proper guidance. We are here to make the process as easy as possible for you with our free tax guide.

Advisory and CFO Services

Whether you’re transforming your current business or just getting started, we know the challenges and solutions for building a business from start to finish.  From our strategy sessions to our CFO on-call services we will provide guidance all along the way.

Accounting and Tax Advisory Services

  • Prepayments/accruals advice
  • Assets registration
  • Tax advice
  • Financial and key KPIs advising
  • Accounting software advice
  • Bookkeeping advice

CFO Services

  •  Strategy calls to go over your financials and make financial recommendations
  • Key Performance Indicator’s Analysis
  • Create and maintain a forecast for profitability and cash flow
  • On-call support

People Advisory Services

  • Access to a dedicated people advisor who is your go-to for all payroll and Gusto-related questions
  • New-hire onboarding, benefits enrollment, time-keeping, and employee offboarding. 
  • Analysis of team productivity and employee wellness
  • Access to HR tools, templates and training materials

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