We are proud to introduce you to Lance CPA Group.  Each member adds unique insight, talents, and specialties to the mix- making us very well-rounded and capable to meet the needs of all our clients.

We are fun-loving group of individuals with a passion to serve our clients.  We enjoy working together and having fun together.  The Lance CPA Group team makes sure to prioritize our team dinners and activities as we know that only creates a better work environment in general.

From our Customer Success Manager, to your accountant, to the Managing Director, we know you will love each of our team members as much as we do!

Joshua Lance, CPA, CGMA

Managing Director

Samantha Aycock

Director of Operations

Lindsay Pastorino

Project Manager

Dalton Cousar

Customer Success Associate

Mandy Rodenburg, CPA

Accounting Manager

Jenni Hughes, CPA

Tax Manager

Saima Uribe

Tax Accountant

Susan Heidenreich


Ekaterina Angert


Katie Milton


Irene Nelson

Irene Nelson