We exist to help your business thrive, no matter what it takes.

We don’t just take your financials and start completing and filing returns. We’ll review past and recent returns, talk about present concerns and goals, and work with you to determine planning and tax preparation needs for the future.

tax preparation

Our tax team will prepare your annual taxes, walking you through each step along the way with TrackStar, our own tax tracking software. Should you be paying quarterly tax estimates? If so, how much? We’ll help you determine what you should be paying and how often.

tax plan and prep

What To Expect

VIRTUAL MANAGEMENT: You’re busy, and we know it.  We easily handle all your tax needs virtually via Google hangout, phone, or email. With clients based globally, this is typically how we do business.  We encourage you to “go virtual” and use the time you save to focus on your priorities.

purposeful communication

PURPOSEFUL COMMUNICATION: Part of the tax-prep process involves our firm educating you about what’s happening and why, as well as what to expect well before a tax deadline. Working proactively is a smart tax planning and prep strategy. It’s our best effort to give you what you need to know. Come a tax deadline, this approach minimizes the risk of error and helps ease unnecessary tax stress.

NEEDS ASSESSMENT: We’ll review past and recent returns.  In reviewing past returns, we may spot errors or opportunities to do something different or even better.  Our goal is to make your job easier and to help your business thrive. 

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